new favorite

About a year ago, Youngest gave me this great song.
Ethereal and spacey, it's the perfect thing to listen to on the train.
Over 30 minutes long, it drowns out those around me and lets me relax and sink into it.

I've been listening to it on repeat for about a week, really enjoying it, and decided to see if the artist does anything else I might like.
The answer is no. An emphatic no.
This song?
Is this.
Imagine my disappointment.
Read about it here.


NorahS said…
Did finding out ruin it for you, or will you keep listening?
Scot said…
This is like some sorta Millie-Vanilly scam. Gaining an audience by tricking them blows!
kmkat said…
Elder Son gave me a huge bunch of mp3s a few years back for my birthday; most were classical, but there were a few by Sigur Rós; I just emailed him the link to this song. It will be interesting to hear his take on it.
Anonymous said…
That is positively weird--and kind of a bummer. I wonder if all songs sound this way slowed down.