In which I am in Germany, working hard, but really also dealing with some things.

Somehow, it seems this post ends up being about my hotel bathroom.
I am working to keep things running smoothly here in Germany. I came on the most enormous airplane, the flight was good, I am staying in the same unique but very comfortable hotel and running back and forth to the supermarket and the DM. I positively love the DM.

But, in between it all, I am thrilled to collapse back at my hotel.


Once again, my room is full of florals and crystal - just like me!
It's so good to be here, though. The staff knows me and I feel at home which is important to me now.

I've been to my favorite restaurant -


and had the "hand cheese mit musick" which I love -


and though I was with a rollicking fun bunch, I am so sad as my friend J, my German friend, has left the company and it's not the same.
(Still pretty tasty, though.)

Last night I made a little party.


The ham and sausage were amazing. Germany is a good place for cheese, ham and sausage and you know those are the three food groups at my house.


The housekeeper likes to put my things in tidy stacks in the bathroom and I am proud to say that I have been able to open all my bottles and jars myself.

I'm in a battle with the shower, though.


This big knob is very difficult for me to manage and I cannot ask for help, as you might imagine.


And these mysterious knobs only complicate the situation.

I was happy to stay in last night but I have a large French dinner tonight which I'd like to skip for room service.
I am busybusybusy.


Anonymous said…
Fascinating! I love hotels.
Will you snap some outfits? Yours and others?

Guten tag,

Crazy Mom! said…

The sausage has an amazingly familiar look....

Just sayin'.

Have fun!
Paola said…
Ah, Kartoffeln, Wurst und Kaese
There's your Germany in a dish.
Sorry about the trouble with the knobs, it mustn't be pleasant at all.
A French dinner in Germany ... why?
So, dm is kind of a big health and beauty aids store?

Glad to hear you are enjoying, except for the monster shower knob.
raych said…