I saw the surgeon today and he was very pleased. 
I have six more physical therapy appointments and I'll see him in the beginning of January so I can begin another round of 30. 
He was happy with my fingers and said that the numbness in my palm and thumb will take more time. 
My range of motion is at 60 percent of normal. 
The fractures in my wrist have improved but are not fully healed and I need to begin strengthening my hand and wrist. 
He told me I'm over the hump and have made great improvement since my last visit. 

I'm pretty sure I can feel that piece of metal just below my thumb but I'm trying very hard not to think about it. 

Things I can do:

Write a couple of sentences.
Hook my bra.
Open a bottle.
Put on my make-up.

Things I cannot do:

Open a bag of chips.
Open a jar.
Use a fork.
Cut my food.
Handle money.


60% !!! You are working so hard.

I swear I can feel the metal in my right foot and it's been 8 years. It doesn't freak me out anymore.
Scot said…
When I had nerve damage in my hand 2 of my fingers wouldn't get all pruney when I washed dishes. Are you going through that? I took me about a year before that stopped happening. It was kinda freaky AND kinda cool.
spicydish said…
I broke my ankle in Egypt during a trip a few years back. I have 5 screws to hold it all together and you can still feel them under the skin. Yes, the rehab takes time, but trust me, one of these days it will be all over and you will feel so much better. Just keep on doing your exercises, the trauma of the event takes a long time to get out of your mind.
Good luck from Minnesota
Anonymous said…
You are doing so well!
Loretta said…
You are very brave and very diligent, and I am sure that your recovery will be magnificent!