gee but it's great to be back home

I'm not sure I understand them in English either.

So, I am back from my German adventure.
I worked very hard, ate very well and visited a hospital! Not for me or mine. Long story short,  an elderly man with whom we do some work left his incredibly expensive attache with me for safe-keeping and proceeded to fall and be taken to a gorgeous German hospital. Of course I got in a taxi and brought it to him. What would I do with a lovely Hermes briefcase anyway? I ask you.
I do believe he was fine in the end.


This was my beautiful German neighborhood yesterday morning.


It rained every day which made it perfect for my trench coat and it never stopped any of our team from walking to and from work or to and from dinners...which, sometimes, included food for the homesick.


I'm trying to stay awake but I'm pretty sure I've been up at least 20 hours.
K is making me some soup and I'm watching television in English.


Paola said…
I am VERY sad that, yet again, I couldnìt meet you.
Also, I am happy to hear you're safely back home where K will pamper you with his delicacies and love.

I'm catching on news and blogs and what I get is that it's raining all over the wolrd apaprently, whilst here it's still very warm although today overcast. I am expecting it to break into full winter swing very soon. GAH.
L.P. said…
Welcome back!
kmkat said…
Welcome back to the Land Of The Hamburger!
Crazy Mom! said…
...Home is where I wanna be...
Jen on the Edge said…
Welcome back.

Did you get the mittens?
marian said…
So happy to hear you are doing well.