Why must flickr be such a bitch?

Each time I attempt to upload photos from my phone to flickr the app somehow grabs photos from weeks or months ago. There's the PA sawing off my cast again like it was yesterday. Flickr cannot seem to get its shit together and adding photos to posts is cumbersome at best.

I "graduated" from my PTSD therapist this week. I hadn't seen her for a few weeks and, in that time, so much had happened - or not happened that it was a chore to think of things to tell her about. So, that feels good because, as I told the psychiatrist, it's not like I don't have at least four professionals taking care of me. She's great though, if you live near me and need someone.

I just realized I probably won't be able to manage gloves this winter/my gloves won't fit my simultaneously swollen yet shrunken hand/ I won't be able to wiggle my fingers into them.
I want these


from Cos - but only in Europe...but I am GOING TO EUROPE.


I wrote this. With my left hand. Progress.


Your pants are too tight, lady. Toooo tight.


You, on the other hand, look swell.

Back to school = encountering little ones on the commute.


The sweetest little ones....


This weekend I am going to unearth my Sandra Juto wrist worms and eat apples.


Paola said…
I knew you were awesome but you'r eproving to be way more than what I thought. Look at writing.
You should see what they wear here ...
kmkat said…
Re: wrist worms. I am currently knitting fingerless gloves that sell at our library building funds' booth at the local farmers market. (http://kmkat.typepad.com/kmkat_and_her_kneedles/2014/09/lets-talk-fingerless.html) All pictured on the blog post are sold except #2 and #3 (two pairs of red alpaca). If you are interested email me (my prices are lower than the WW.)
L.P. said…
Wow, great progress! xo
Anonymous said…
flickr sucks because yahoo owns it.
blackbird said…
Good point.
Hi! I came to visit wondering who got to benefit from the great shopping talents of our mutual friend Jen on the Edge. Happy to find your blog. Even happier after spending the last 45 minutes reading to discover that you are recovering so well. Yikes!
Duyvken said…
I love your street photos.