We're feeling slightly geriatric.

Sitting in bed, after my first full day of work, with physical therapy at lunch-time, we sit and compare exercises and treatments.
It's 8:00pm and I'm exhausted.


Paola said…
Oh honey, don't feel bad. After Brizio's accident and consequential various trips to Napoli we've been found in bed even earlier than 8PM, had dinner probably by 7PM after a whole day up and down the hallways of an hospital and then (I don't have to remind you that people here dine between 8:30 and 10PM)... you simply collapse from exhaustion and yuckiness, a strange mix of feelings that leaves you drained and powerless. So, cheer up! You're doing fantastic, you're even workign full days now!
alice c said…
Good luck at the surgeons today. I am sure that they will be impressed with the progress that you have made and the effect of that wonderful sea air.