We saw the surgeon yesterday - I didn't take any photos.
K has been released! He will continue physical therapy but has sufficiently healed.
I, on the other hand, still have work ahead of me.  I think visits with the surgeon can be sobering. It doesn't upset me but it does put things into a different perspective. He pointed out that I had a serious injury - this was in comparison to K's wrist injury. He seemed not displeased with my rate of recovery, which surprised me...I thought for sure he'd be disappointed. He was disappointed that I had chosen not to take the medication prescribed by the pain management doctor, a mistake on my part as it was prescribed to block pain during physical therapy which would improve my mobility. Not the first mis-step I've taken on this road. I'll begin it today. He reminded me that I have months of work ahead of me...but I am resolute!

Meanwhile, I have to tell you about a fellow hand patient at PT. I met him a few weeks ago. They had told him to sit at the hand table and this is what he said:
Oh, the HAND table, eh? I'm not usually ALLOWED to sit at the hand table because I scare people away!
His name is Bill.
I won't be afraid, said I, I've probably scared people away myself!
But this isn't really true...and he goes on.
They shouldn't really call this the hand table, they should call it the table of BROKEN DREAMS. Thank god I didn't break my dominant hand!
I did.
They don't tell you but you'll NEVER GET IT BACK. JUST YOU WAIT. DID THEY TELL YOU THAT?
At which point the PT interjects: Bill, did you know that you two have the same surgeon?
I hadn't heard anyone use that word in a long, long time, and I certainly didn't feel like it applied to me.
He went on for some time and then my session was over.
He was there on Monday, but not at the hand table.
I couldn't help but mention him at the doctor's yesterday.
Turns out that his injury was also serious, but he didn't do anything about it until it was almost too late. Now he has a "negative attitude."
I reassured Eunice that I am diligent about my exercises.
Good, she said, don't be a Bill.

Check out my amazing new accomplishment:


A-OK for REAL!

Also: Today is day 1 of my hubby's new job at a Jeep dealership. I'm excited
Paola said…
Brava Bb!

Don't be a Bill ...
Loretta said…
You'll never be a Bill!

When I had my knee replacement, I trained in advance so I could handle the demands of PT. (Of course, you did not have that option.) I met my own "Bill" at PT, but she was a lady who had had 2 knee replacements and didn't do her PT. She had to have manipulation under anesthesia and then had to go to PT every day for hours. She was a great motivator to me and I am sure Bill is the same for you!
L.P. said…
I'm thinking Bill might be needing several types of therapy, not just for his hand.

Sounds like you're working hard and giving it all you've got. Sorry this is such a long, difficult process. Hang in there!