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I saw the pain management doctor today and, aside from being completely freaked out by the woman laid flat by a hip injury, I realized that he is not going to hurt me. Don't ask me why I assumed the pain doctor would hurt me, let us, instead, rejoice in the fact that he never even touches me. Suffice to say he was tremendously impressed with my incision and asked if a plastic surgeon had finished my surgery (no). He gave me some very serious pain-relieving patches and I await a phone call to see if I am eligible for some compound cream but, he too, felt obligated to remind me of the seriousness of my injury and resulting surgery...which leaves me wondering if the health professionals treating me feel I am not taking all of this seriously enough.


We've been watching The West Wing


and appreciating gifts from friends.


Paola said…
I am telling you, with the injury you suffered and the surgery you had to undergo, your hand looks remarkably great. No wonder specialists ask you about it. I know I sound petulant but you have no idea how horrible things turn here ... and I won't add anything because Brizio is still early in his stage of recovery. I am just praying on a daily basis and multiple tiems per day that everythign will be fine. But for us it's a bet, a Russian roulette. You can maybe end up good but there are many chances that you won't. All because of lack of good doctors and good medical care. This is the ONE thing I mention tot everyone widening their eyes and telling me how lucky I am to live here.
Try having a medical issue and THEN come back and tell me.
We could find nobody and I mean NOBODY on August 26th when Brizio got hurt, everyone was on vacation to return in September. There are few doctors left and I am not going to judge their abilities as it's not my place but ... nobody was there. And we know a lot of people being from Positano, believe me. All the big shots in every field come here from all over the world, you know it. So ... excuse me for filling your commentbox with my venting but I am very sensitive about this topic and I seriously get your situation and your progress. I do.

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