it's all in the timing

Will I have enough insurance to cover my physical therapy? Not quite.
Shall I carry on alone and resume in January? Yes.
Should I leave this patch on and forgo this morning's shower for one tonight? Yes.
Was I approved for the "compound cream" for a reasonable fee? Yes.
Will I be able to wear my beloved Minnie pants today and be able to manage the zipper?
                                 We shall see.


In which my Art Director friend explains how what seem like huge and painful events in our lives in the present become smaller as time passes.


In which Youngest and I have the coolest shoes.


A very elegant lady on the train.


A lobster truck down the block from my office!


Next door to physical therapy is this cool coffee shop.

It's time to get dressed.


What is elegant lady thinking about?

Insurance... ugh. New job for husband means 90 days until the insurance kicks in. I am deciding what to postpone until after December.
kmkat said…
Lobster truck: there was a lobster roll stand next to the booth I was working at the county fair this year. Having lived my entire life in the Midwest, I had never had a lobster roll. OMG, they were fabulous! I envy those of you on the right coast for that. | You and Youngest do indeed have the best shoes. | Re: insurance. Medicare since 9/1, whee!
RW said…
Glad to hear of your progress BB. Still carry you in my heart.
Paola said…
Elegant yes, but she looks awfully sad ...
Those shoes!
Lobster roll ... another thing to add to my already endless list of things to have before I die ...
Insurance ... money ... problems ... hate it.
kkc135 said…
Please share where your cool shoes can be seen/bought?
blackbird said…
My shoes are from, Youngest's are from Japan!
Anonymous said…
It's all cool in your world. Except for the insurance blues. That is never cool.

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