I'm not saying this pertains to either of OUR mothers, of course.

It is a universal truth, no?
I will freely admit that I sounded exactly like this a couple of weeks ago whilst Middle taught me about Instagram.

On a slightly related note: does music play when you click onto my blog? Alice reports an evil SiteMeter bug that plays music...but I read on Chrome where those things are blocked. Please let me know!


kmkat said…
No music playing for me (yay). I am using Chrome on a 6-yo Mac Mini running OS 10.6.

I was the computer guru in the family from 1989 until ::counts on fingers:: about 2002, when Younger Son took over that position. Now he installs storage network systems in the media and entertainment industry and is the one who troubleshoots our home network and upgrades it and tries to teach me desktop shortcuts that I don't want to know.
Paola said…
You do NOT want to be present when dad calls me for this kind of thing.

I am amazed I never ended up like the girl but will admit my voice shrieks in tones that I believe only dogs can hear.

But dad will turn 82 in January and I believe this is a big point for him.
raych said…
ARE YOU ON INSTAGRAM? Because I am. raychraychraych - pictures of my kids, pictures of food. You know.
NorahS said…
I have never heard music on your blog.
When my Mom is at wit's end with her iPad she calls me and says "Can I speak to my granddaughter?"

My daughter set up my Instagram. I haven't posted any pics but I enjoy seeing the ones from all my nieces and nephews.
Anonymous said…
I can say it though...
Loretta said…
Crying here, crying!

Add to that situation doing it over the phone with your sainted mother who does not have her hearing aids in and is trying to read it off of the teleprompter.
kkc135 said…
No music either....and in my house, I must admit, this rings true! Just wish my daughter would let me do it instead of jumping in and taking over! ;)
Anonymous said…
TOO funny!
No music for me on your site.
I did help my MIL this summer send an email and I have to say I was impressed with how well she managed to learn it. I expected it to be much more frustrating and it wasn't bad at all.

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