Amazing But True!

1. The fellow who sat next to me this week at physical therapy chopped his hand open with a machete. I did not faint when I saw his wound!

2. Bill has made progress. His attitude improved.

3. One of my co-workers thought I had been hit by a truck.

4. Another of my co-workers thought I had fallen and broken my wrist.

5. I worked full time hours this week.

6. I never liked people touching me before the accident and now I hate it.

7. That new medication is HELPING.

8. I am awake every night between 2:00 and 3:00.

9. I wrote the date yesterday! I WROTE!

10. I also put on some eye pencil...with my LEFT HAND.

I know.


Anonymous said…
That is seriously nice progress, except for the awake between 2 and 3 part.
NorahS said…
Milestones! Congratulations!
Paola said…
A machete?!?

You've been up at even at 4AM, sadly.

Progress is slow but definitely sure.
Anonymous said…
Did you hear about Greg Norman, the golfer and his hand injury?

Thinking of you often and very happy for your progress.
TX Carol
Anonymous said…

Just offering all the relativity I can today. The former principal of the grade school where my husband teaches was actually hit by a truck last week! Spleen removed. We do not know more details of the accident or her current condition other than it is better than it was on Friday.

And Greg Norman, I mean, a chainsaw!?
TX Carol
raych said…
I AM ALSO OFTEN AWAKE AT THAT HOUR. I will think happy thoughts at you.