a rest on the Cape

It seemed like a long ride, but it wasn't.
We tried not to bring too much crappe so K wouldn't have to lift/carry too much, but we kind of did anyway.

And the ocean is gorgeous, and the breezes are cool.

And the wine glasses are huge!

As are the knives.

The furnishings are adorable and comfortable.

We feel relaxed and at home.
We move slowly through our days...time at the beach, time eating good things, time exploring towns we are less familiar with.

A baby's sock, forgotten, reminds us of the joy and flurry of excitement which preceded us in this wonderful home which has embraced us and I find myself holding it, sniffing it, imagining Loretta's sheer delight.
We are so grateful for this time and place.


Anonymous said…
You need a batch of your summer dip. (OK, maybe I need a batch of your summer dip ... those radishes reminded me of that.)
L.P. said…
Looks and sounds perfectly lovely. And those red chairs! Want!
Paola said…
Relax. Finally!
Aren't those the same chairs NieNie has outside Fox Hill?
I just read Loretta became a Nonna, that baby is ADORABLE, to say the least.
As soon as I saw the red chairs I KNEW you were at the Pom cottage!

I'm so glad you got a trip to the Cape. You needed and deserved it.
alice c said…
I'm so happy for you - it looks blissful. I'm SURE I read that cheese is recommended for healing so I'm glad to see you are eating sensibly.
Anonymous said…
Looks and sounds like the perfect break.