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Everyone at my house was talking about this video last weekend. Youngest, especially, plans on upping his sunblock usage.

We sent Oldest here for his birthday...with the young lady he's dating!

I miss Nora.

I don't know if I'd say it this way but it's worth reading/noting: AVOID BEING AWKWARD WITH DISABLED MOTHERFUCKERS. via FUCKING HOMEPAGE

We spent some time watching this and now I'm stumped...totally annoying or completely entertaining?!

K made this the other night, after taking third place for his division in an archery tournament.
Two victories.


Paola said…
Between that menu and K's delicacies ...
more drooldrooldrool
Anonymous said…
That K, always with the brilliant cooking.
Sunscreen. I swear by it. Always have.
Jen on the Edge said…
I saw that video earlier today and shuddered to think about my own personal sun damage.

When my father went through chemotherapy several years ago, it not only zapped the cancer, but also all of the sun-damaged places on his face and elsewhere on his body. He joked about his Cancer Skin Peel Spa Treatment.
Crazy Mom! said…
Love Nora's last comment.

Moe adores FHP - what's not to like?
Scot said…
Did you notice that the "Dark Bodega" has Chicken Pibil on their menu? After your posts on Pureco Pibil and seeing Chicken Pibil on the menu I definitely want to try that! I'd also like to try the Mango Cucumber Slaw. That sounds great.
Also, I find BOTH guy AND rachel annoying as hell!
Did K use live lobsters? I can't bring myself to do that. I like watching Laura Calder cooking on the food network. Not too long ago she went to the docks and bought a pair lobsters and started cooking them at home. As soon as she closed the pot she said, "and now I go cry..." I understood even though her lobster, grapefruit and avocado salad looked good enough to kill a few lobsters for!
Right on K and congrats on the archer awards.
Anonymous said…
So strange that i'm reading Nora's 'I Remember Nothing' now, because I found it on my dining room table, and it was published in 2010, I think. Huh. Carol in Va Thinking of you and yours a lot.