we're still watching cooking/food movies

We've seen The Lunchbox and liked it very much.
It could be me but it seems to have been marketed as a romantic comedy and I don't think it is at all. It's actually pretty sad. Don't let that keep you from watching it - it's good.

I gave Youngest my ticket to Nine Inch Nails on friday night. I knew it would be a long evening and had some concerns about going. I like it, too, when the boys do things together.

It's raining. I love rain.

Anyway, here are two internet cooking videos for you courtesy of Middle.

A tempting recipe, no?
Now, don't be bored with Boris - stick with him.


Only two more days with a cast. (Mixed feelings.)


Miz S said…
Smart not to go to the concert. Too much potential for being jostled and bumped. When I think about you being jostled or bumped I cringe inside.
kmkat said…
omg, there are tears running down my face from laughing at those videos. Thanks!
Paola said…
2 more days ...
Cooking with Boris is strangely addictive!