weekend/random linkage

I did my physical therapy three times a day, all weekend. I was very dedicated. I was also pretty cranky and exhausted each night and not very nice to be around. It's kind of an inside joke but K definitely deserves The Victoria Cross.
My hand has gotten stronger and I can hold things like a piece of paper or a scarf but parts of it have incredibly tender and sensitive new skin while other parts of it are numb or have patches and creases of old, thick skin. Most of it hurts and I struggle to find comfortable places to lay it down.
But last night I discovered this:

If I put this super soft sock over it I can rest it anywhere without pain. K thinks I should put a set of googly eyes on it.
After working on it for the past four days I can bend my wrist a tiny bit and I think I'm starting to feel my thumb again. My tendons are a mess but I'm making progress!

Meanwhile, on the internet...

Americans trying international sodas.

Eunice gave me some of this to protect my wrist and hand. So expensive!

I was debating these but ended up modifying a soft black sock. It worked out really well.

I don't know how I got here but I am fascinated.

I love lists like this and this is a great one.

I wish I had a place for this.

Part of my PTSD work is thinking of being in comfortable places - I have to remember this one.

Did I tell you I'm going to Germany in October? I've got a lot of work to do by then - I'd like to be able to use a pen or a fork.
I'll keep you posted.


Crazy Mom! said…
On the international sodas - if you come to Atlanta, visit the World of Coke (it's a FUN museum dedicated to Coca-Cola). One of the last things you see in the museum is the tasting room, with ALL the products that Coke sells around the world. You can taste them all. (The Stooges love this part.) Some are wonderful - and some are horrendous! Tip - avoid the one named Beverly.

So glad you are doing better.
Anonymous said…
Germany! Very cool!
I think you were clever to find a sock. That wrist of yours looks SO tender and I'm just seeing a photograph.
Those pendant lamps. I think I want a couple someday in my kitchen.
NorahS said…
Yay for the fuzzy sock. Glad you are finding moment of comfort.
Paola said…
The sock was genius.
Keep up the good work with the steady exercising. Nothing will help you more than that, Eunice will be proud of you.