Two and a half months post-accident...

The middle finger of my right hand is nearly normal. I'm afraid it is the poor relation and gets little attention.
My left tiny pinkie is flexible, I cannot straighten it completely.
My left ring finger hurts where my wedding ring was. I can bend it easily, it is nearly straight.
My left middle finger is swollen but pretty flexible, only the tip of it remains numb.
My left index finger is swollen, very flexible and not numb.
My left thumb is numb from the nail down and fairly flexible.
The top of my palm and knuckles are swollen.
The heel of my hand is swollen and sore in places, numb in others.
I can bend my wrist just slightly toward me and slightly further away from me.

I can hold a large pen, pick up tiny things, hold a fork for a few seconds, button clothes, type a little bit, roll and squeeze PT putty.

I cannot write, apply make-up, use paperclips, turn a doorknob, wash my hair, flatten my hand, eat with my left hand.

I am exactly halfway through my physical therapy - 15 sessions done, 15 to go.
I'm working on it.


alice c said…
You can do it - you are incredibly determined and you have so much love to give you strength.
Duyvken said…
A little round of applause from me to you. I can imagine how frustrating it must be to not do little things like wash your own hair. I am glad to read that progress is being made.
Paola said…
Halfway is wonderful, it means your at the peak adn dow enter the downhill phase. And you have the most wonderful nurse ;)
Lucille said…
You know of course that I tried each one of those movements and did not take them for granted just for that instance. It has been salutary to follow your progress and I admire your determination.
Hilary said…
you are halfway there… every day hopefully you will feel a little better
raych said…
You are so. brave.
zephyr said…
you are amazing.
well done!
it is so nice to read about your lovely time by the sea...
Good luck next week
in shoes and socks.