I have some good links to share but, first watch this -

It's not him at all but I'd love to get K this shirt. It's what he'd call a groovy guy shirt.

This week I'm hooked on Fixer Upper on HGTV and Joanna Gaines.


Fascinating and beautiful.

Mary showed me this and I love it.

I am doing better and thank you all for supporting me yesterday.
I have an infection and am on a mega antibiotic. Last night there was, for the first time in months, almost no swelling in my hand. It looked like it belonged to me again. I am praying that this is not uncommon and not my hardware.
I'm off to do my exercises.



kmkat said…
That time lapse video? Could have been shot from my front step. That's the edge of my driveway at the lower right and a woodpile left. And if you looked really, really hard, you would be able to see the roof of my neighbor's garage and the bay of the lake. The sounds were so familiar -- spring peepers, blue jays, crows, miscellaneous smaller birds.
We use those fire logs. Doesn't seem like they would start from that little wick, but they work well!