notes from PT

I've made progress.
I have bad days (my wrist has extremely limited range of motion and made a loud cracking noise on Monday while I was being worked on, upsetting me and the people around me) and good (my fingers are doing quite well).
Unfortunately, by the time I get home to K, I am often exhausted and weepy - and I haven't felt well this week which makes me miserable.

There are lots of long and short term impacts on one's health after an accident, I'm learning, and many challenges every day.
I had a phase wherein I felt up for the challenge but feel like I've lost steam in the past week as my health has been compromised.
I feel tired and discouraged.
I'm working on it.


Duyvken said…
I think it is OK to feel tired and discouraged. Sometimes you need to wallow for a while acknowledging that things are rough before you can step out into the sunshine again.
marian said…
Ahhh, bb. Sometimes when you stop feeling up to the challenge and just let yourself be, stop trying to live up to an image you think you have to live up to... sometimes that's when the real healing begins.

You try very hard. Healing will happen naturally without such hard trying. You're doing great.
Healing has lots of ups and downs. I hope you're not kicking yourself for the bad days.

You're working so hard and it's mental as much as physical. Sometimes your body and brain need to rest.

Hang in there.
Paola said…
Sweetie, I feel tired and discouraged every day at some point.
But I haven't had any accident OR major surgery on my hand.
Stop beating yourself up.
You're doing an amazing job, your hand looks really great and movement is improving a lot. I can tell.
Obviousy I can't feel all the pain you do, but I know you can work through this.
Because you are a wonderful person.
I know you.