Happy Birthday Oldest

His birthday wish?
I don't want dad to work hard to make anything special for me - whatever we're going to have for dinner will be great.
This pretty much exemplifies Oldest these past few months - from the moment he showed up at the scene of the accident...(shouting when the driver of the car professed innocence)
What did you DO?! Do not move your damn car! Do you SEE my mom over there?!
...and walked the bike home, to vigilantly standing by to help at any and every possible moment from then to now.
(This morning) Want me to make you an english muffin with peanut butter, mom?
Oldest has been the most exemplary young man.
That's a photo of three generations last summer when the boys went to help their grandfather on his farm.
If you need something lifted/hauled/held/fixed/gotten/painted he's your man.
And if you need your self lifted/helped/held/defended I can recommend no one better.
I don't know if I'll be strong enough to tell him in person what he's meant to us since our accident without breaking down...don't cry, mom, it's gonna be okay - you're going to be okay (he tells me this almost every day) I'm hoping he reads this.
Dear Oldest, I've never been so proud of you.


Susie Sunshine said…
<3 <3

Happy birthday!!! I hope you get peas and ricotta!
Amy A. said…
Well, I'm crying with you. So sweet.
NorahS said…
Well, it made me cry.

Happy Birthday Oldest!!!
alice c said…
Happy day, Oldest - may this year be full of good things.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like you have the best sort of alpha leading your pack of sons. Many happy returns of the day to him.
(Reading your post got me a little choked up, that doesn't happen often.)

Confessing to a few tears here too. Your sons are good people.

Happy Birthday and a happy year to Oldest.
Irene said…
happy birthday oldest.
Scot said…
Well done Oldest, rising to the occasion, like we always knew you would, is a badge of honor you carry with yourself always. Right on!
Hope your birthday is as special as you are.

BB & K, you do parenting right.
kt said…
A true and gentle mensch. Mazel Tov, Oldest!
Paola said…
I have seen first hand how protective he is when I arrived at your neighborhood on my one an donly visit to you ... I pulled into your road and he locked his eyes on my car, studying me, asking me without speaking, no words were uttered yet I heard him say "who are you and what do you want form here", not in an aggressive way, just alert.
It's a great reward when you look at your child(ren) and realize they are great people.

Anonymous said…
I love your writing so much. I love you and I love your boys. Happy birthday to Oldest. Happy days to all of you, all the time, full stop.

Also, congrats to K. Archery! Wow.

Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday, Oldest! BB, as the mother of two sons, your post brought tears to my eyes ...

Anne in GA
dlgowan said…
I'm another Mom of two sons who got choked up reading this. Happy Birthday to your Oldest, who sounds like a fine young man.
Jen on the Edge said…

I'm thinking of the post you shared last summer with all the photos from the farm and how impressed I was by the hard work your menfolk were engaged in together. Those were lovely photos.

Happy birthday to Oldest -- and to you, since it's always a special day for the parents too.
kmkat said…
What an exemplary young man you two raised!

HB2U, Oldest!
zephyr said…
and your previous post
and many others =
i love your boys.
They must have wonderful parents.
Anonymous said…
Happy birthday, dear Oldest! We are all so thankful for you and your wonderful care of your parents! May your upcoming year be extra special!
RW said…
Yep. Tears here.
Wow. Just wow.