further notes from PT

On Monday, when I had finished about 45 minutes of exercises, my therapist asked if I wanted ice put on my wrist and hand. I have never had or been advised to use ice on my injuries so I thought for a minute and said no thank you and went to catch my train.
People, if the physical therapist asks you if you want ice, believe me, YOU WANT ICE.
On Wednesday I had two hours of PT. And I cried (breaking my record of 36 hours without crying).
It wasn't that she hurt me. She didn't hurt me. It's just sometimes I look at my wrist and hand, which look(ed) a little mangled and I'm back at the accident. So I cry. The physical therapist thinks it will be about two or two and a half months before we see significant progress. (I haven't asked the mental therapist.) It doesn't sound like I'll be able to use a pen by October but I'm okay with that. She also told me my hand will be swollen for about a year and reminded me I've only been out of the cast for a week.
Time moves slowly for me.
Today I learned that I am one third of the way through my treatment.
I/they have made remarkable progress. This week we worked on my wrist, pinkie and thumb and succeeded in increasing mobility.

And I think you'll agree that's it's looking pretty damn good too.
I'm learning lots of things during this process...here's a good one:
the best wrist surgeon in the city and the worst wrist surgeon in the city have the same co-pay.
It's research that pays off.


Paola said…
First thing I thought?
It looks fantastic!
I mean, it got so much better looking since you last showed it to us.
It's just natural that it will take such a long time to heal definitely, it's a hand, I don't think we truly know or understand how many bones, muscles, tendons, nerves and much more are in our hands.
You certainly do now.
Keep the job steady Bb, and please please please don't cry. My heart shrinks when I hear you cry.
Anonymous said…
It is with a bit of reflection that I write of how I became acquainted with your blog. It was 7 years ago, and Caleb Potter had a horrible skateboarding accident. You had written a comment on Sharyn's blog. I am so grateful that you and your husband suffered limb injuries rather than head injuries. I know that you are dealing with tremendous recovery situations, but thankfully, you will heal and your minds will be well again.
Continued prayers of healing being sent to you and K.
Lynne Scarfo
Anonymous said…
Wow! It looks AMAZING!
More ice now. And glad to read you got good help.
It really is looking better!

Lynne's comment is so true... thank god neither of you had a head injury.
I'm still including the two of you in my nightly meditations.
Anonymous said…
I had (much-less serious) emergency hand surgery last year, and was amazed at how long the swelling persisted, but also amazed at the recuperative powers of the human body, and the amazing, amazing caregivers who get us back to a New Normal.

I know you know this, but i'll be another voice in the Greek Chorus - it takes a while to find that new normal. Be patient and compassionate with your body and yourself, everything is going to be ok, it just takes time.

Your hand looks a MILLION times better than it did a week ago. I am so sorry you are dealing with this, but so grateful it wasn't worse. It might look different from your vantage point, but from here you are handling this with such grace and honesty. Sending you much love.

RW said…
I will chime in here and also say "wow, it looks way better - WAY " and I continue to keep you all in my prayers.

on another note: I am waiting on the September Vogue.... and I always think of you at the same time...