I've taken a couple of days off work to concentrate on my physical therapy.
I'll see my physical therapist again on Monday and, now that my cast is off, I intend to use the next few days to make significant progress. I was so discouraged yesterday - I couldn't move my wrist at all, but after about 45 minutes of work we had some success.
So, today I set alarms on my phone and did a full round of exercises and heat treatment/massage three times with lots of effort and almost no pain.

I have massage cream, the list of exercises, a heating pad, a scented candle and quiet music.

The hand/wrist gets wrapped in a heat pad, cushioned with towels, and smushed flat with a book.
At PT the therapist does the smushing.
Then I do about seven exercises to encourage stretching and strengthening. I wrap it up with some warm water rinsing.

45 minutes later...not bad from this angle...

this side?
Kinda rough.

I am working on it!


Paola said…
It looks great, no swelling, you are doing an amazing job. The scar? will stay there forever, I am afraid. It's not pretty at all to look at. But it will get better, time ... time is all we need, tiem is the most precious thing.
Do you still follow NieNie? She just posted some notes from back in 2008. It's all I'll say.
blackbird said…
i do still follow Nienie and am embarrassed/greatly humbled when /i read those posts.
Angela said…
I just wanted to tell you that I'm thinking about you. May the healing continue.
kmkat said…
You are a credit to your therapist(s) -- working so hard on your exercises and to regain full function (and I am not talking just about the wrist).
Anonymous said…
Way to WORK those wrists! I bet your therapist is grateful to have such a dedicated patient.