around here

I am loathe to admit it publicly...Middle and his buddy spend their evenings playing Magic cards. They sit with cups of tea, or beer, or whiskey.
Thank god they're going to see Motley Crue this weekend.


Aside from being A SAINT WHILST I WHINGE AND CRY, K has made an effort to make dinners I love and I love it. Every day I look forward to dinner.

School has started for Youngest.

This striped Baggu bag has worked out beautifully. It holds a lot and and is lightweight and has straps I can manage. AND it was $26.00. WIN WIN.

Our front garden is quite lush. That's Paola's bench! Poor Paola's boy has a broken shoulder. Spare a thought for him and her, please.

I've been enjoying stone fruits, okay?

The evening light is lovely, I've had good news from the doctor and a wonderful pasta and sausage dinner.


Scot said…
Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute, your kitchen looks great but did you steal that rug from the cabin you rented? :o)
Crazy Mom! said…
So glad you are improving, and that your family is taking good care of you. Enjoy Germany!

My boys still play Magic too. If you look at the cards, they usually have a quote on them. This made Larry interested in reading some poetry - he loves things like The Rime of the Ancient Mariner now!
Paola said…
She certainly didn't steal it from my entrance where's the identical rug is still lying :)
I am honoured to have picked a same item as such a stylish, refined, cool, great woman.
Thank you for your thought, sweet Bb, one day I will come and sit with you for a drink on that bench.
While K is cooking something fantastic, of course.