Are you tired of reading about our accident?

Well, this is a story about shoes.
The shoes I was wearing in the accident.

I had read, all over the internet last spring, about how popular Birkenstocks had become in the fashion world. I have a couple of pairs of Birkenstocks and they're wonderful but a little too casual to wear at work. And, while I was loving the Birkenstock-style sandals that Celine and Chanel were showing they were, obviously, beyond my reach. So I researched, as I do, and found the perfect fashion-version of Birks at Zara. They were moderately priced and I've had good luck with Zara shoes (which, let's face it, are all copies of high fashion shoes) so I ordered them and waited for warm weather.

Fast-forward to June 15th. I was wearing Old Navy black jeans, an ON grey long sleeved tee shirt and my Zara sandals when I found myself injured in the middle of the street.
At some point I was shoeless and asked K to get them from the street. I was doing a lot of screaming but I remember the shoes going with me in the ambulance. After that, in the hospital, understandably, I lost track of my shoes. I remember them cutting my clothes off me just like in a medical drama on television but I had no idea where my shoes were...but I knew I didn't want to lose them.

So, as I slipped in and out of a morphine haze, I asked K to find them. He went out to the hall where Middle was sitting and realized it was the perfect task to keep Middle busy for a bit. And it did. Middle called all four fire departments before he found the ambulance driver who drove me to the hospital. That great guy agreed to come back with my shoes, Middle met him, my shoes and I were reunited and there were two more heroes of the day.

(The shoes are a little scraped up but still fabulous.)

PS: see?!


kmkat said…
Yay for K, Middle, and Ambulance Guy!
Anonymous said…
Lucky to get your shoes back! When I was hit by a car (while on my bike), a bike repair guy picked up my wrecked bike and returned it to my house a few days later, all fixed. Too bad a cobbler didn't snag your shoes.
Paola said…
Wow. Now this is quite something to hear. First Middle had to call FOUR different fire departments and THEN he tracked down the driver AND said driver returned those shoes?!
Not all hopes are lost.
And no, I am not tired of hearing your accident stories, in fact they get better with each day that goes by.
Anonymous said…
The shoes are so you.