what we're up to

...not a lot, I'm afraid. There isn't a lot we can do and though I'm going to the office a few days a week, I come home exhausted and, at the very least, uncomfortable.
So...we're watching food movies!
We saw Chef before the accident and liked it very much.
Since then, we've seen: Haute Cuisine and Spinning Plates. Plus, nearly every time we turn the television on we see this guy. I'm sure he's lovely. I'm positive he's a wonderful chef. Honestly.
Unfortunately, we tend to laugh and poke fun at everything he cooks. None of it seems like "home" cooking at all.

Yesterday I took two fabulous naps. Today, I wiped down the downstairs bathroom, picked up in our room and ironed (I did need Youngest to set up the ironing board.) I'm pretty patient about the whole one-handed thing but I'm not up for scrubbing anything. Did I mention that my boss sent a housekeeper for a day? He did and I'm planning on adding it to my gift repertoire as she was efficient, quiet, and amazing - it was a most thoughtful gift.

I am doing my finger exercises religiously and now only sometimes lose track of my thumb or little finger. The other night I was certain I was holding two fingers up (without looking) but I was not! If anyone ever told me exercising fingers was exhausting I would totally call bullshit, but it's true!

We met my travel agent friend for a drink at the harbor on Friday evening. I've only met her once before and she was in the neighborhood and she's the nicest person. Anyway, a friend of HERS has become a reader here and told her that my posts have been a little sad lately which, YES, but I'm working on it. I wouldn't have thought healing my brain would take longer than my wrist, but there you are.

Other things you should think about instead of that:

This great bit on 50 Shades.

Important info on how to survive air travel much of which I DO.

Could I, when fully able, switch from sponges to cloths? I have much to consider!

10 terrific food movies.

I feel tremendous satisfaction perusing this site.

Oh, Fabio, I think I might be in love with you.

I am forever searching for something to replace the boob-light in our dining room. FOREVER.

Have you seen any of this?! Good god, click away this minute and watch.


Wow, you have a really great boss!
Scot said…
Patience is right. That's an incredibly thoughtful thing for your boss to do.

I have no desire to read or see 50 Shades. I don't want to be party to some guy smacking his girlfriend around...but I do like Dave Barry. And now Don Johnson and his daughter can BOTH say, they were tied to a bed for sex in a movie. Did Melanie do one too?

I like Food 52 but I think the things they sell are terribly overpriced.

Fabio? Seriously? Watch out for geese!

I think Vicious is a fun show. However the kid that plays their neighbor Ash is also a depraved, perverted killer on Game Of Thrones!
Hell week begins tomorrow, I'm alone in the shop all week. Take care.
Paola said…
First, I am not allowed to watch the Vicious video. Because of the region I am in!

Fabio. I could never nor will I ever get Fabio. Not my husband though. Sometimes I get him, I really do. But THAT Fabio? Um, no.
Paola said…
Oh, and I LOVE your boss.
KPB said…
Your boss, what a gem. Your posts seem a little sad? No shit sherlock. Dear GOD if it was me I would be wailing and gnashing my teeth like there was no tomorrow. Your "tone" is fucking perfect.

Now, cloths vs sponges. Cloths all the way. Although $70 for 20 of them strikes me as outrageous. And TWENTY! I mean, the whole plus of using a cloth is that you can wash it. Twenty would last you a decade. Well, maybe not a decade but you get the idea.

This may be unkind but can we safely say Fabio now has breasts?

As you were.
kmkat said…
Of course, your posts are a little down. Whose wouldn't be? But you are trundling on, making the best of the situation and doing what needs to be done, both for yourself and your job.

Speaking of things fitting into other things, my son bought himself an iPad mini because it fits perfectly into the pocket of his lab coat. I'm sure Apple designed that way intentionally ;-)
Scot said…
As I am all by myself in the shop this week I have made a momentious discovery:

You cannot use an Epson Legend 75 Watt Laser engraver to toast an onion bagel!!!
You can, however, use an Epson Legend 75 Watt Engraver to personalize each and every french fry in the bag!!!
Anonymous said…
Your boss is wonderful to think of something so useful and necessary.
Fabio! Perfect fits! Oh, the internet is a wonderful place.