I went to work!
Two half days!
Youngest did a wonderful job watching out for me during the commute, completely unobtrusively...which totally took me back to the days when I ran interference for him in the same kinds of situations.
I worked till 2:00 on Wednesday and Thursday (I'm going to work three days a week) and had worked from home for a week or so before I went so it wasn't too overwhelming.
It was pretty terrific to have other things to concentrate on and see my co-workers, it was increasingly difficult to tell our story: K and I were in an accident on our scooter when a driver in a car cut us off. I noticed that he didn't see us and told K who honked the horn but the driver pulled out in front of us. K hit the brakes, I fell off, K fell with the scooter when the front brakes locked up. We have various moderate injuries and are recovering - though I had a procedure in the trauma center under anesthesia and surgery a few days later and may take slightly longer...no, we probably won't use the scooter again, no, the driver can not be held liable for the accident. We did not hit his car, his car did not hit us. I'm not sure what we'd want from him anyway. yes, it was traumatic, yes it could have been much worse - we are okay.
I was so emotionally tired of telling it yesterday that when a stranger on the elevator asked what happened to me I told her I was in a car accident.

Today I'm at home, checking my email and watching QVC. Do we like Philosophy products? They're expensive but there are some great deals! Hope In A Jar? Anyone?

Did you know I'm not a sweets person? I'm not. I love salty things - but salty things make my hand swell until it's pressing uncomfortably against my cast. And everything I love is salty.
This weekend I'm going to binge on fruits and vegetables. I'm one handed, too, so someone has to cut up my dinner. I require one handed foods only.
I'm not really complaining but it is starting to be a little bit challenging.


Amy A. said…
I wasn't crazy about hope in a jar. Have you tried Lush products? I don't know if it's anti-aging like HINAJ claims to be but it feels fabulous and smells great. I use Cosmetic Lad and the eye cream. I also jumped on the coconut oil band wagon and that seems to be working nicely for me. Might not be enough moisture for you in winter, though.

Strangers are so curious, aren't they? It's ok to tell a wee fib for your own peace of mind. Or you could hand out cards with your blog address. :)

Be well. I'm glad you are recovering and getting back to work.
Crazy Mom! said…
I know what some of that's like. You get tired of having to explain yourself. Which is why hanging out with friends/family is the best - no need to explain, just BE.

Glad you're making forward progress. Hang in there!
Scot said…
Just tell people you broke your wrist beating a ninja to death! But do it with a straight face... :o)
dervla said…
i stopped using hope in a jar in favor of straight coconut oil, but until then it was my go to moisturizer. Glad to hear you're feeling better and able to be back at work. I'm sure everyone missed you.
Paola said…
I hadn't caught the most important thing: you never actually had any contact with the stupid car!
That's even more upsetting ... but now useless to even mention ...
Try to cope with the whole thing a sbest as you can. The Ninja story sounds about right ...
You should have youngest laminate you a button pin, "You should see the other guy!" That'll stop the questions!
heidi said…
Do you like radishes? I love them! Crunchy.... not sweet... a little spicy. Difficult to cut one-handed though.
irene said…
Sean and I were so tired that we turned it into a game between us.

when people saw him with his cast they assumed he'd injured himself playing soccer or doing something stupid. so they would always ask in a cheerful, sometimes even mocking tone. and then we would tell them, the whole story, even the gory parts, and list all his injuries. we would then watch them with their jaws on the floor and smile at each other thinking "sorry, you shouldn't have asked!"

ps: wish I could send you saucisson.
Anonymous said…
Three cheers for a shot of normal in your life! Your son's careful watch does not surprise in the least. I've been craving more salt than sweet in the past year. Is it an age thing? I wonder.