so, this happened

Sunday night.

Around 10:30.

An ambulance, rushing to a call, sideswiped an Audi.

The Audi crashed through the fence and into our yard.

The drivers (a 19 year old and a 22 year old) were fine. Both Vehicles had to be towed away. It was particularly difficult to extract the Audi.
To say that this event unnerved me is an understatement.
I lost my shit.
My boys huddled around me and convinced me everything was okay...well, except for Middle.
Middle took a lot of photos.


Amy A. said…
For pete's sake, bb! That's enough excitement for you! Goodness.

I'm glad everyone is okay. Try to catch your breath! xo
Scot said…
We had a wreck in front of the shop today! A big OLD Chevy truck took a bite out of some nasty little SUV. 5 Latino guys got out of the truck, 4 of them ran away! North, right into the Immigration guys. The I.C.E. office is 2 doors up the street, north of us. They had heard the crunch also and like us had come out to the street to see what was going on. It was pretty funny. Nobody was hurt, both car and truck had to be towed away. And strangely enough, it was the SUV driver who was ticketed.
RW said…
Lord have mercy.
I was frightened to actual scroll down.
as for the malnutrition .... hmm no wine for a month. can't see it happening to me voluntarily. makes me pause.
Paola said…
Who's going to pay for your fence and damage?

I sincerely hope that ambulance wasn't going to a life threatening call ...

Why are 19 olds allowed to drive Audis?!?

I have a lot of questions ...

Time to resume the wine!

Duyvken said…
I love Paola's questions. It is completely understandable that you lost it and so beautiful to know that your boys were surrounding you. x
marian said…
I think you might like Claire Weekes.

She's charming and it's good help for when your nervous system is already in tumult and every additional thing sends you through the roof. Click the "listen" button and just ignore if you don't like. xoxo
Lucille said…
You really did not need that. So glad there was no serious injury.
Miz S said…
Good Lord! Crap, you practically have PTSD after the scooter crash and now you have cars and ambulances crashing into your yard?



This shit has to stop.
heidi said…
OMG!!! Is there a safe spot anywhere??
Loretta said…
Oh. My. Lord.

This happened while you were home and you heard all this?

Get out the large box of wine!
alice c said…
That is ENOUGH bad karma.
Anonymous said…
Holy sh!t, bb! I can't believe that happened. At your HOUSE? When it rains, pours. But man, I am hoping you and yours catch a sunbreak here pretty soon.

I wonder if Oldest is friends with those emergency responders.

Irene said…
L.P. said…
Holy crap.
Anonymous said…
That would be disturbing--especially after your own recent accident. Are you ready to move off the grid, away from engines yet? I'd be contemplating it.