silver lining continued

The scene: dinner at the bird's. bb has not been present for many family meals of late.

bb: look! that little roll of fat around my middle is smaller!

K: you haven't been eating.

bb: I have! It's just that I only eat things I like.

Youngest: it's malnutrition.

bb: it's not malnutrition, it's the lack of wine. I haven't had wine in a month.

Youngest: that's malnutrition in our house!


Scot said…
That's funny! Laugh out loud funny!
Paola said…
Your boys.
They never fail.
At anything.
Anonymous said…
Ha! I never think of wine as having calories. Does it? How can that be? They aren't listed on the side of the bottle.

KPB said…
Wise one, he is.