one handed

I am making progress, though I still have some difficulties with swelling and soft tissue damage.

with only my right hand I can:
brush my teeth
wash and dry my hair
do some laundry
fake my signature
use my cell phone
put on makeup

but I still have trouble:
getting dressed
managing my meals
cutting my nails
putting on my shoes
filling out forms
donning the shower sleeve thing
opening mail
collecting produce at the market
holding/doing anything at all with my left fingers

I have yet to try:
polishing my toenails
wearing pants
being out in the world alone

I am going, next week I think, to get some post trauma support as while I don't think I have full-blown PTSD, I am having difficulty processing what happened to us and me.

Meanwhile, I continue to work till 2:00pm three days a week at my office and two days a week from home.


Duyvken said…
I think support is a very good idea.
I haven't attempted polishing my toenails in a very long time and am very impressed that you are going to do it wrong handed. Kudos to you.
Bras must be impossible. I hope you have a helper or that you have found some comfy bralettes.
Paola said…
OY Bb ... I'm hugging you!
Anonymous said…
Another hug from me too. I think it's great that you are willing to get some help with processing it. Very wise!

Anonymous said…
In the future I can see you declaring "I can do ______ with one hand tied behind my back!" and meaning it.
Until then, I applaud your ability to focus on the positive.
Irene said…
sending much much love, always. xoxo
Scot said…
Oh my poor little buddy with her fat hand, It breaks mt heart to see you and your family go through this.
I think some post trauma support is a good idea. Sometimes a person needs a bit of help to process events outside of our normal lives. (This comes from someone who's wrecked a lot of cars!(and gave up driving))
I wish I was a poet and could offer you beautiful comforting words of advice, but I'm not. All I can say is take care of yourselves, and each other.
I wish I could fly up there and do stuff for you! Still sending healing thoughts.