medical update

It was a big day today - I visited my office and we saw the surgeon.

(K does the OK)

We had x-rays. (k will have a CT scan in four weeks.)

(bb shows off the little Eiffel Tower in her wrist).

I had all my stitches removed.

(I cried and nearly fainted. It's tough to look at.)

And now we have matching casts again. (That's my surgeon's initials written near my thumb, just before anesthesia.)

I'm going to go to work on Wednesday, I'm very happy to have the stitches out and will be pleased to resume normal life.
The outpouring of affection from my co-workers and boss has lifted us immeasurably.
We look forward to recovering and thank you for thinking of us.



Anonymous said…
If I never need a cast, which I hope I do not, I want it to be black too. Don't let me forget.

Enjoy the rest of your time off from work. I know you'll be glad to get back to it though.

Anonymous said…
^^oops...ever need, that is.
Your poor arm! I'm glad you're getting better.
Hilary said…
I didn't know they made black casts. I am so glad you are going back to work… It will help… Sending love...
Paola said…
That looks scary indeed and I don't blame you for crying or if you will again.
But the little Tour Eiffel, a chic touch indeed!
Oh Bb, the worst has passed, going back to work will make everything SLIGHTLY more normal but of course it takes time, an da lot of patience.
Anonymous said…
B opted for a black cast, too!
That Eiffel Tower would freak me out...I imagine calling it by that name helps you accept it, though.
Glad there is progress and, hopefully, less pain now.
heidi said…
I will carry my metallic marker around until i run into you again. That Eiffel Tower is amazing. Keep healing!!!
Looking good, you two!!!

Love from e & e in sydney xx
L.P. said…
I agree with Paola, the worst has passed. Good news that you'll be back at work, too busy to think too much about the accident, and surrounded by people who love you (not that you aren't at home, too!).
KPB said…
Good LORD look at that scar.