18 days post surgery, I am going to work for a bit tomorrow.
I think the fact that I've been completely addicted to QVC television* for the past week is a clear indication that I need to occupy my mind.
I'm going to try three days a week and have some physical therapy nearby and I'll be traveling with Youngest in the mornings which will help to allay the fears of my family who are certain I will be trampled at some point. And we all know how it goes, I suppose, it is only when part of us is injured that we get bumped or pushed.
It's very very warm here and I hate the heat AND I'm injured so I won't be walking to the office.
I've got five or six cast-friendly outfits but I've got to figure out a bag that I can manage with one hand.
Things That Amaze Me:
People's reactions to seeing us both injured
What I can and cannot do with my one non-dominant hand which has one bum finger
How swollen my hand still is
How fragile we are
That we are okay

So. Off I go.

* I've fallen in love with a Rowenta iron, a blue lipstick, a chair, a blender and a sweater de-piller.


NorahS said…
Hope all goes well. I will be thinking of you. I'm sure your co-workers will be glad to see you!
Blessings on your work journey! Perhaps less than full days for the first week or so?
Paola said…
Take it easy, don't overdo it.
Hilary said…
Hang in there… Don't over do….
Anonymous said…
Traveling mercies!
Tx Carol
heidi said…
May your travels be swift & safe! I hope you are going off-peak.
p.s.... i worry about the blue lipstick.
marian said…
Good luck today, bb. Hope it goes swimmingly.
Anonymous said…
Take it easy and be kind to yourself. The body is amazing, but it just takes time! I too am a bit concerned about the blue lipstick!!
LawBelle said…
Anonymous said…
Good luck sticking your toe in the water again. I hope re-entry feels better than QVC.
alice c said…
Step away from the blue lipstick or I'm messaging Poppy.
Crazy Mom! said…
Hang in there - been thinking of you.

I hate being out for something major - I always get sick and tired of being sick and tired.

But it does get better.

Love the Eiffel Tower in your wrist - it's a kind of secret jewelry!
Anonymous said…
bb, hope all went well. you are fragile, but you are spider-web fragile: strong and amazing.