As I only have one more physical therapy appointment before the surgeon checks my wrist again, my lovely physical therapist updated me on the condition of the fingers of my left hand. She and I have been working diligently on my fingers as it has been made clear to me that we will have to turn our full attention to wrist work as soon as my cast comes off which could be as early as next Tuesday.

So, for those of you keeping track: (and for me to catalogue)

The middle finger of my right hand was broken at the middle knuckle and had five big blue stitches. It is presently slightly swollen and stiff (and the scar is kind of big and ugly because it was stitched in the trauma unit with absolutely no finesse!).

My left tiny pinkie is very swollen but somewhat flexible, though I cannot straighten it.
My left ring finger hurts where my wedding ring was, I can very nearly get it straight, but can barely bend it.
My left middle finger is very swollen but pretty flexible. Unfortunately, it is mostly numb.
My left index finger is very swollen, very flexible and not numb. I can make it touch my thumb.
My left thumb is mostly numb and I can barely move it.

We believe some swelling will reduce and some flexibility will return when the cast is off.
I'm counting the days and doing my exercises.

K goes for a CT scan of his wrist tomorrow. We're hopeful that he will have healed enough to have his cast removed on Tuesday as well, and we thank you for all of your kind wishes


Paola said…
I am keeping track and I am praying that once the cast is removed the therapy can somehow fast forward and make you feel better soon but don't expect miracles. It takes time, a lot of it. I have seen it so many times at the gym where I go where the owner is a genius PT and dear friend.
Anonymous said…
I really hope the swelling goes down FAST after that cast comes off.
kmkat said…
Hoping for return of feeling and total function!