A gold star to the pretty woman in the coffee shop this morning.
I realize that K and I are interesting to observe, out in the world. After all, it's not every day that one sees two people, a couple, with injuries, in a coffee shop/hardware store/supermarket. But the reactions of people who see us is one of the difficulties I am dealing with right now.
I suppose there are occasions when I look worse or better.
Sometimes K has a cast on one arm and a splint/brace on the other.
Sometimes my arm is in a large navy blue foam rubber sling.
What do people do?
Make a joke. (Often not funny but I get it, they feel awkward.)
Tell us how lucky we are. (We know, thanks.)
Tell us how awful it must be. (we know, thanks.)
Tell us about their/their friend's injury which is much worse, (We're sorry.)

I am the first person to work to downplay our situation in public.
The last thing I want is attention.

What did the lady in the coffee shop do?
She told me she loved my haircut.


Susie Sunshine said…
Well, it IS a pretty kickass haircut!
L.P. said…
I want to know more about the haircut!
NorahS said…
What a nice thing! I'll have to remember that.
Paola said…
Because we must remember there IS still a flicker of hope in this sickened, battered, drugged world.
Anonymous said…
Bless her for giving you a shot of normal right now!