ups and downs

I'm taking less pain medication. Tramadol, which I get spam comments about every day.

I get tired very easily.

But I have more stamina when I'm up and around. I used to have trouble with the stairs.

We drove past the site of the accident today and I got really upset.

The number of gifts we've received is astounding.

I'm working on it but I can still remember how much it hurt. More than anything ever.

The dresses I bought are working out really well.

It's really hot outside for people in casts.

I may have to have my hair cut shorter.

Thank god for air conditioning.
I've done a tiny bit of office work.
My co-workers miss me so much!
I can probably go back to work in a couple of weeks +/-.
I am having some amazing quality time with four great guys.


Scot said…
It's really hot outside for people in clothes, or naked people!
Paola said…
You are aware you must hop on a scooter ASAP (when you're fully recovered of course). AND drive by that very same spot. It's the only way to put the whole thing past yourselves.
Been there, done that.
marian said…
I'm so happy you are seeing some progress. Rooting for you, little blackbird!!
I'm thinking about you every day and trying to send healing energy every night.
Thinking of you and sending you and K my love, as always. I had a black cast too, very chic...all that was missing was the Chanel double C (hehe). Something which made a difference to my mood - going to the hairdresser once a week to have a shampoo and blowdry. Worth every penny, made me feel so good, also - sitting and listening to the young women talking around me was so cheerful. E xxxx
Anonymous said…
I am glad that the dresses are good. Being near the cutoff site sounds....tough.

If you were my co-worker, I'd miss you too.