Youngest is interning in the design department at my office.
Each evening, when he comes home, he tells me about all the people who've asked how we are.
Today, I made him a cheat sheet...


left wrist broken in four places, fingers on left hand dislocated, hand dislocated (re-set)
nerve in left hand compromised, no feeling in middle finger
four stitches in right middle finger
very swollen left elbow
many large bruises from transport and trauma team


broken wrist
cracked rib
bruised rotator cuff
large road abrasions on hip, arm, shoulder, feet

surgery tomorrow to stabilize bones and repair nerve in mom’s wrist being done at mount sinai outpatient

we were wearing helmets, traveling up a small hill when a driver pulled in front of us to make a turn
mom saw that he was not looking left, told dad - dad hit the horn and driver pulled further out into intersection, dad hit brakes, scooter skidded, we fell…mom fell away from scooter dad fell with it,

mom hopes to return to work on july 7th

Yesterday, we went into town to see the 2nd best wrist surgeon in the city (the 1st best doesn't take my insurance).
He saw both of us and was gentle and kind and thorough. His staff was supportive and patient and caring - and I realize these things should be expected but arriving in an ambulance and being treated by a trauma team in a hospital is rough stuff. While I can appreciate their fast work and diligence, they don't have time to spend on bedside manners. It was good to be cared for with compassion yesterday.

We had ct scans and xrays, I will have screws and plates. My hand and wrist are a little gruesome to see and I find myself crying a lot.

But...there are flowers and candy, K strokes my hair while I cry, we will be okay.
And, for today, we have matching braces.

Everything hurts but we feel lucky.
Our boys are doing an amazing job caring for us and the house.
My boss is generous and kind.
We will be okay.


marian said…
I don't know how you are managing these updates, but it's good to know you are able to. Sending fervent hopes for speedy healing, fading pain, and some bright, delightful days.
kmkat said…
You guys are soooo lucky, even with your painful abrasions and broken bones and nerve damage. I am grateful for your luck.

My son graduated in May from medical school at Mt. Sin--, er, the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai. It is a place of superlative specialists -- your wrist will be a work of art. (Mt Sinai was not a good match for midwestern leftie nonconformist activist Son, but it will be a fabulous place for your wrist.) I am glad the surgeon was gentle and caring. That can mean so much to a person in pain.
Susie Sunshine said…
Thanks for the update. I worry.

Your flowers are beautiful.
I'm glad the boys are near and that K is able to stroke your hair with his good hand.
Please don't cry.

I'm so glad you're still here.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for this update. It makes me regret my somewhat cavalier comment yesterday. Even though you are weepy, I know that you are strong, and I am grateful that the accident was not worse, I am also glad you are both being well cared for by the paid professionals and the loving boys.

I am so glad you updated. Been checking both days to see how you are. It's hard to judge what is worse- the pain or the trauma of it all. I am glad you are well cared for and surrounded by love and flowers. Thinking of you tomorrow and will send healing thoughts and love!
islaygirl said…
oh my. so very scary, and i am so grateful you're both going to be ok. so glad you're having excellent care, and sending you and K much virtual love. wishing you a speedy and smooth recovery. xxxxx

I check in to see what you're up to... and this? Oh no. I'm sending you and K lots of tender loving care.

I actually broke my left wrist 4 months ago (yep), I just tripped (over nothing!) while walking the dog. Ended up with surgery, a plate and seven screws. I have to tell you, it gets better quickly, I promise!! Take all the pain medication they give you, and take a day at a time.

You can do this. You are resilient. Sending you my love.

E xxxxxxxx
Paola said…
Oy Bb this sounds AWFUL


you are in a great place with great surgeons, trust me on this it's much better than you feel right now although you think you're at the bottom of a pit.

Let your gorgeous boys look after you, I know they are doing a great job and I think they must feel kind of weird with both their parents in such a state.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help, you know I have lots of relatives around you and I know they'll be more than happy to step in and do anything needed.

I can only virtually hug you tight and let you weep on my shoulders, I feel horrible being so far away but you know I am close to you in spirit.

shadygrey said…
love and healing vibes to you and K, BB.
Miz S said…
I haven't been able to stop thinking about this.
L.P. said…
So glad you are getting good care and have beautiful flowers to look at and K to stroke your hair. That you two have matching casts is pretty cute (I only say this because I know you're going be ok).
Jen on the Edge said…
I'm trying to find the small mercies in this situation. Here's my list so far:

Neither of you is more seriously injured (such as brain or neck trauma).

That you have your dear boys and so many other loving people to help you as you recover.

That's a good start, I hope.

Rest and heal. Try not to do any internet shopping in a drug-induced state. I speak from experience. ;-)