the other side

My surgery took two hours.
I have seven screws and a steel plate holding everything together.
Yesterday we learned how to manage my pain which moves quickly from a dull ache to searing hot agony...I have so many medicines that K keeps track of them on his phone. I'm supposed to have pain medication every six hours - I've only been able to hold out that long once.
I have a two piece cast wrapped in bandages and will see the doctor on Tuesday.
The boys have been cooking and running errands and lifting and helping all day each day.
Some sons are uncomfortable seeing me - I am a sight, bruised and bandaged.
But K, with his own set of breaks and bruises has been tirelessly caring for me all throughout the days and nights.
We reaffirm to each other at all hours:
are you okay? I am okay/ I need pills/water/food/the bathroom.
are you okay? I had a bad dream/my ribs hurt/my sheets are tangled.
are you okay? I was so afraid/it was awful/I was so lonely for you.

Then we say it together: we were in an accident, we broke our wrists, we are okay.


Amy A. said…
And you are typing with one hand? It's okay to rest if you need it. :) Be well. I'm glad you are okay.
Eliane said…
You haven't heard from me in ages, but I saw this and want to send you some strength. Stay strong!!
Paola said…
In fact, amidst all of THIS I am thinking too: adn she's blogging for us!
That is dedication.
Take as many painkillers the doctors allow you to. Thank you gorgeous Oldest, Middle, Youngest and K for taking such good care of our precious Bb. She's special in more ways than I can ever describe.
Good to hear it went well and you're back home. Every 6 hours? Huh...I took mine every 4. My surgeon said to me "I like to treat pain aggressively" and I think I practically kissed his feet in thanks. You are over the worst, it's all going to slowly get better now, you can do it!!! Love ya, E xxxx
marian said…
Ahhh you two. Love will get you through. So sorry to hear about the pain. It will get better. Sending all the very best wishes for a day by day improvement. You are so generous to share your lives the way you do. May all the love you send out every day return to you on healing wings.
kmkat said…
Thank you for blogging through the pain. Do take your pain meds as you need them -- there are no medals for ignoring pain. And it is well-nigh impossible to keep track of one's meds when one is taking Vicodin/Oxicontin/Oxicodone/Percoset. (See how familiar I am with them all? Lots of surgeries here in the past couple years.) Does it help to keep your arm elevated on a pillow? Or to moan loudly? Or to watch silly distracting movies? Do whatever helps.
I hope you are past the worst of it now, or will be very soon.
alice c said…
I hope those prayer flags are flying on the porch because if this isn't an adventure I don't know what is.
This makes my eyes well up, the two of you together, leaning on each other and comforting each other. May both of you begin to heal quickly and well. xxoo
I'm glad you have people looking after you both and that you have each other. You ARE each other's anchor.
NorahS said…
Thinking of you. So glad you have all of those wonderful men in your life. And pain meds.
ocbp said…
How much for the Vespa?
Irene said…
Irene said…
zephyr said…
SO sorry!
hugs and may the healing be swift!
L.P. said…
You guys are all doing great, sounds like. What great love and support you have for each other!
Miz S said…
This made me tearful. So glad you guys aren't alone. So sad for those who are.
Hilary said…
sending you lots of love……

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