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You probably can't imagine how much time I've spent with my computer - or maybe you can.

There are lots of articles about kids who still live or move back in with their parents. I don't have a problem with the boys living here, sometimes other people do.

We've been given a gift of dinner here. We might go for our anniversary at the end of August when we can use forks again. It's a nice thing to look forward to.

It's a long story but I really like this.

Daphne Guinness fascinates me.

How not to say the wrong thing. Don't dump in. People aren't sure what to say when they see us with our casts. A guy in the store today thought it might be funny.

I couldn't be happier with the care I'm getting from this guy.

New obsession. Other new obsession.

So many airplanes.

We are surrounded by good people doing kind things for us.


Paola said…
So many lovely things.
Those airplanes!
I don't totally approve that way of ironing, sorry.
L.P. said…
Intergenerational living has been around much longer than this lonely idea of nuclear families, and it makes more economic sense, too.

Take your time healing!
Anonymous said…
A) I'm totally worried about saying the wrong thing. That article helped.

B) I sort of hope my children will always stay here, or at least stay nearby.

C)Forks in August! Lovely to anticipate!

Scot said…
I agree with Paola, I don't approve of ironing either! That's why I pay my neighbor to do it. Hey, she needs the money, I HATE to iron. Every week, 5 or 6 shirts @ $2 a piece. Works for me.

That Del Posto menu looks amazing. You've gotta try the Browned Butter Panna Cotta and tell us about it.

The dump in/out concentric circles brought back A LOT of memories that I never thought of as all that funny - 'till now. You hear things when you're in or near that middle circle that leave you a bit taken aback but years later TOTALLY crack you up!

That little girl from that blog was munching on something called "spicy queso corn" That sounds so good. How do you suppose that's made? I want/need to try that!

Do good people do kind things because they're good people or is doing kind thing make you a good person? (that sounded confusing in my head also!)
I am obsessed with those wee girls too. I followed your link from your blog roll a few weeks ago.

We are still living in the teeny tiny condo and Cape Cod Kid has been with us for about 2 years. It's not the perfect situation but it's not terrible either. I feed him and he does lots of things for me. Also, he's the only person in the family who would watch Cosmos with me.

Sorority girl has moved into the condo upstairs! I get to share her rescue dog!

My mother-in-law's head wants to explode. She thinks we are completely dysfunctional.

I'm glad you have THE BEST doctor.
Anonymous said…
I'm so glad you're being cared for and fed and lifted up by so many people.
And I also wouldn't have a problem with a kid or two moving home down the line. I like my sons an awful lot.
In related news, my middle son broke his arm last week and has a big cast up over his elbow and down over his knuckles and it is so HOT and I feel for him. At least it wasn't his dominant hand, that's what I keep telling myself.
Poppy B. said…
Hey, Cher lived with her parents in Moonstruck, so it must be OK.

I want my kids to move out because bickering.