random/checking in

I was away from my office for nearly two weeks and, I can tell you, re-entry is awful.
It was a very busy week at work. I don't think I was able to stay awake past 9:00pm.
Tonight, I'm taking K on a movie date to see this.
Tomorrow, I'm going with him to archery club to hang around so we can travel further east afterward for a visit.
Sunday is Father's Day and the boys have plans for their dad.

I'm going to make a donation to Rachel. Because I want to.

Did you know that we have 25 year-old Ikea bedroom furniture?
We do.
Someday, we will replace it...and I think we'd replace it with new Ikea bedroom furniture. Someday.

I totally knew this and you should too. I very much like Food52 but must admit that lately I am finding errors in recipes. Thank god I did not add 10 Tablespoons of salt to the pecan recipe I made this week.

I am eager to buy one of these bras. I have taken the quiz and the ones they have chosen for me seem to be the kind of bras I like.

This is wonderful. I have sent it to my Graphic Design student (Youngest) who is actually interning this summer in a design department.

This guy is so spot-on I cannot imagine how I did not know about him. He's got a facebook page too, of course.

Everything is great and this is where they are. Is it almost time for my brother to come home?

Number 98 is my absolute favorite. Better than the NYT's meh list.

I am a mediocre player at Words With Friends but I managed a couple of good words this week.


Youngest has constructed this, uh, fortress, to hide a Father's Day present.

Spotted: Maira Kalman!

I feel obligated to mention that it has rained every morning this week, it is raining now, and I'm off to a routine doctor's appointment.

More later.



Duyvken said…
Maira Kalman! What a delight. Eleanor recently gave me (well the little duyvkens but you know what I mean...) an MK book.
We currently don't have any bedroom furniture. We bought a new mattress before the littlest was born and sold our old bed since it wouldn't fit in the new bedroom. We stacked the new mattress on top of the old mattress and just have our bedside table stuff lying on the floor next to the bed. It's not as uncomfortable as it sounds, although the top mattress does have a habit of sliding slowly off the bottom mattress and needs to be pulled back into position every few days. It will be v nice to have a bed again.
Anonymous said…
What a fun bunch of thoughts and pics. I hope you have a good weekend with K and the movie and getting some rest after your re-entry. I want to see Fed Up (and Chef) but I have to work this weekend.

Paola said…
So many lovely, interesting, curious, funny things. WWF!
Scot said…
Nathan Pyle's gifs crack me up! They are so true of Anywhere USA, most of them anyway. Number 107 made me laugh out loud.
However, that map link totally derailed me last evening. I spent HOURS looking at my house, your house, grandma's house, where I work, where I ski, where I used to live, used to work...Well, you get the picture.
THANKS, what fun!
So what was in the fort?