matching casts

K and I had an accident with the scooter yesterday.
To avoid an oncoming car K laid the bike down.
I put my hand out to break my fall and dislocated and broke my wrist (and my fingers too, I think) I have stitches in my right hand and dozens of bruises.
K has his share of injuries too...wrist, a rib, abrasions.
We spent the day in the hospital and see the surgeon today.


Susie Sunshine said…
I am sorry you are broken, but am SO SO happy you are still here!!
Would offer home nursing assistance, but I know you have a gaggle of good guys on alert already.

Wishing you fast healing and fun drugs in the meantime...Mwah to you both.

Anonymous said…
Darn it! So sorry. Glad it is not worse.

Tx Carol
Wendy said…
Thank goodness you're both okay. I'll be thinking about you a lot.

xo to both of you.
alice c said…
Omigoodness. Omigoodness. I can't bear to think of you both being in such danger. It just makes me choke up. Take care Mr and Mrs Bird. Sending you love xox
marian said…
Gaaa! So sorry to hear this, dearheart. I hope you both will heal with great speed. No fun!
Oh no! I hope you both heal quickly.
Jan said…
So sorry to hear this, BB! But so relieved that in time, you will both mend and recover. Take care.
Duyvken said…
Oh no! That sounds very scary. I am so glad that you are (relatively) okay. Did the scooter survive?
Active Lisa said…
Oh no! What shocking news! Glad you are both ok, and hope that all the mending goes fast!
Scot said…
OH MY GOD!!! I know misery loves company but this may be taking it a bit too far. Are you going to be alright? Is K going to be alright? Are the boys waiting on the both of you, hand and foot? Helmets? Did the car at least stop and offer assistance?
I hate it when people I care about ride 2 wheels instead of 4. It worries me. Take care of each other.

Also, this is a great time for the boys to learn how to cook everything you and K like! A real learning moment.
Oh this made me teary. I hope both of you will heal quickly with no complications. I'll send some healing Reiki energy and good thoughts.
NorahS said…
Yikes!!! So glad it wasn't worse. Hope you both heal quickly.
Jen on the Edge said…
Oh no. I am so sorry about the accident. That said, I am relieved that it wasn't far worse than it already was. Heal in peace.
Amy A. said…
How scary that must have been. I'm so sorry but glad it was not much worse. K was a quick thinker and you must have been terribly brave. Be well!
Paola said…

I read this only now. A lightning struck the church above my house, left a major hole in it's bell tower and blew each and every telephone/electric device in half of Positano. We were gifted with the big bang of our router
I didn't know anythiing as I was trying to keep up with emails over my iPhone and BOY is that a challenge.
I am not too scared because you know we practically live on a scooter but I am sorry it was both of you, now THAT'S terrible!
I wish I were closer to help, no cooking for me but I could clean and straighten your bird nest to a spotless shine. Yes I can.
Take good care of eachother and I wish you a quick recovery.
Baci baci baci!
Lucille said…
This is very bad news for the summer. I do hope you both heal and mend really quickly. It must have been really horrible landing on the road and trying to assess the damage.
I am sorry to read this happened, but thankful it's ALL that happened as colliding with a car would be much worse. You poor woman! I hope you both recover fast.
Anonymous said…
How scary that must have been! things happen so fast. Glad your reflexes allowed you to get your arms hurt and not your heads. May you heal quickly and with as little pain as possible. NOT how one would like to start out their summer. :-(
Anonymous said…
I too am shocked to hear about this turn of events and hope you both will be soon on the mend....but man, you guys are cool. Pretty awesome way to get matching casts.


Miz S said…
Blackbird, I am sick about this but so so so so glad it wasn't worse. Stupid other driver! Yay that K thought so quickly. But AUGHHHH.
L.P. said…
OMG I missed this completely. I'm so sorry, but I'm glad to hear you are basically OK. Hope everything heals up beautifully.
Anonymous said…
So sorry to hear about this - very glad to know that it wasn't worse!

Speedy recovery to you both!

- Brad in Calgary
heidi said…
So sorry to hear... wishing you a fast recovery, and commending K on his quick thinking, which i'm sure saved both of your lives!
Suse said…

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