last week

I worked a trade show last week from set-up on Wednesday to tear-down last evening.
I was on my feet from 8:00am to at least 6:00pm each day and am sosososo tired that I may have to recline for most of today. But it was fun and rewarding and my team was incredibly proficient and helpful and there's much to be said for that.

Transforming our space at the beginning and end of the show took hours and strength.
I had overseen the design and construction of it all and, having never done anything quite like it before, I was nervous about the results.
But all was well, and well done.

Thousands of people crowded us in, grabbing swag for hours at a time.
I managed lines and kept things tidy and ran around for days.

I don't think I've ever worked so hard in my life - but it felt great.
Finally, yesterday at 3:00, we got to sit for a bit before we had to pack it all up.

The woman sitting opposite me wore my duplicate name-tag all week, so there were two of me.
We waited for our pallets and boxes to be delivered and then six of us had to find the strength to get it all sent away.

So. Much. Work.
Four of us stumbled into the sunlight again at 6:00pm and made our way to a bar (thank god).

We had stiff drinks and recapped our week. It is notable that the people I was with (in their late twenties and early thirties) were as exhausted as I was. I cannot speak highly enough for them. Not a single person said no to a task and often volunteered to walk/run great distances to get questions answered or arrange for things like sending our pallets back to the office.
The experience reminded me of the amazing culture I am lucky enough to work in at my job.
I'm surrounded by dedicated and enthusiastic staff-mates and I do not ever take it for granted.
Stiff drinks downed we made our (separate) ways home.
I wonder if their feet hurt as much as mine do this morning.
(I wore my Nikes all week.)

And I got to see these guys. (No, I don't know who they are, yes I was giggling. They had very heavy accents in addition to the muscles.)

In other news, my brother is here

on his summer expedition. I'm glad to receive SPOT notifications to know he is safe and happily paddling whilst documenting the lives of glaciers.

Finally, as if sweet Irene has not had tragedy enough, she has further heartbreak to bear.
I hope you'll think of her as are we.

I'm off from work from a week and going away in a few days with K to rest.
I certainly need it.


I'm guessing the two buff guys are models for Romance novels.

Irene has been in my thoughts. I can't imagine how heartbroken they must be.

Enjoy your well-deserved rest.
Duyvken said…
Oh no. I don't now what has happened but I am still thinking of Irene and her family.
Enjoy the break, BB, after such a crazy week it will feel extra luxurious.
Paola said…
I couldn't get Irene off my thoughts since I read your post. It is beyond unimaginable.

Some R&R with K sounds just bliss.
Paola said…
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Paola said…
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Anonymous said…
How terribly sad for your friend. I'll add a prayer for her comfort.
Finally catching up with all the reading now that my gig has ended and I have a day AT HOME ALONE to fritter away. So happy you were blackbirded and that you spread love to those 2 sparkle-girls. And muscle men with accents! A trade show! You live so large and I always enjoy reading about it.