K took me out for coffee this morning. I'm trying to spend more time up and around each day.
I was talking to him about how long it might take for me to process our accident emotionally when the barista asked how we both ended up in arm casts. I usually say we were in an accident but K feels better explaining that someone cut us off - and I get that. If I had been driving I'd want people to know the accident wasn't my fault. The barista was very kind and offered a blessing while another customer banged into my arm rushing for his coffee. (Note to me: I'm not really ready to be out in the world alone.)

We started to walk across the street toward our first errand of the day when we were recognized by one of my readers. I've never been recognized before but, I suppose, a couple with two arm casts is pretty easy to spot, We had a nice visit - she's lovely and it's fun knowing she's nearby.

Stop two was the pharmacy. Everyone at the pharmacy seemed to know what had happened - they've certainly filled a lot of presciptions, and they were eager to wish us well.
It was starting to feel like a long morning.

The last stop was the garden center where we ran into a friend whose kids were in school with Middle and Youngest. More explaining plus catching up. Inside the garden center one of the employees stopped me to ask how we were. He was at the accident and had seen it happen. It was very difficult for me as he was clearly very upset. Inside the store, his boss said that our witness was visibly shaken all day that day and had cried when he was back at the store talking about us.

On one hand, I guess having conversations about what happened to us helps me come to terms with it.
On the other hand,  I'm exhausted.


susan said…
hello there, lovely (and previously recognized) blackbird -
i don't know that you'll remember this, but i was the woman who recognized you at the large and generally overwhelming industry conference thing (purposefully vague) almost exactly a year ago...the one who has become friends with caleb potter and sharyn lindsay because you made the connection? you were lovely and gracious then, even though you were terribly busy, and you gave me your beautiful little moo card, which is still pinned to the wall above my desk.
the day after this meeting i was walking west on 34th st with my youngest and fell - spectacularly! - and broke my hip. your accident and recovery feels much like this to me...except that my fall was totally my own fault - drinking fancy coffee, yammering and not watching my feet. i just want to wish you a speedy and clear healing...and to let you know that there are gifts in the shitty moments - yours will reveal itself (if it hasn't already) and you'll find yourself, forehead in palm, thinking "THAT's what that was about!"
sending you love and as much good juju as i can muster!
kt said…
All I can think of right now, as I follow your lovely heartfelt posts is Fred Rogers' wonderful phrase, "Wish you well!".

And I do.
Paola said…
Yeah, everyone will spot you now ...

Talk about it, it will help!

heidi said…
Is it not comforting ( even just a bit?) knowing that your relationships through your blog, and in this haven community have spawned some good people looking out for you? Keep feeling better... -h
L.P. said…
I do hope you are feeling all the good wishes and love being sent your way. It is exhausting, though. It's a very tender time.
NorahS said…
It sounds exhausting. And I am sad for the witness at the garden center. Hopefully things will get easier.
NorahS said…
It sounds exhausting. And I am sad for the witness at the garden center. Hopefully things will get easier.
Anonymous said…
So much to process! Also, I wonder how you are typing all of this. Do you have a typist these days or are you hunting and pecking? Either way....it's good.

Magpie said…
Ouch! Thinking good healing thoughts for both of you.