home again

(I feel like an internet dinosaur, using flickr, and let me just say: it is anything but dependable these days. When uploading photos from our trip, it snatched up photos from my phone that I didn't want online and double and triple uploaded several shots. I'm not sure what's going on over there but I'd like to give them a piece of my mind.)

We are home from a lovely weekend away in one of our favorite places.
And, while there was plenty of rest and relaxation, the weekend was not without annoying small incidents. Is Mercury in retrograde? I'll bet it is.


I love this odd little house.

It was all dressed up for spring on the outside.

And just as cozy and wonderful as I remembered it on the inside.


It's the carpets. They make all the difference.

We had a gorgeous afternoon at the lake.

And tepid baths (no hot water!).

It's all about the carpets.


Paola said…
I remember you being carpet struck from last year. It is a lovely spot indeed.
Hilary said…
looks like a wonderful vacay!
L.P. said…
Yes, those carpets are beautiful! Tepid water is no good, though...
alice c said…
I am swooning over those rugs. Swooning I tell you.
kmkat said…
Is tepid water relaxing? I think it might be, on a hot day. I have heard others complain about Flickr lately.
heidi said…
Mercury is SO retrograde. Until July 1.