blackbird's two minute movie reviews: Chef

K and I had a little date last night.
We went (with the old people at 6:30) to see Chef and had lots of fun.
I kept waiting for something bad to happen in this movie, for someone to get shot, or get sick, or be in a spectacular car crash, but nothing like that occurred!
It's a feel-good movie! Imagine?

It's got an amazing cast, a likeable story, and some funny moments.
I'm not saying it's an earth-shatteringly amazing film but it's definitely worth seeing.

Jon Favreau plays (and wrote and directed) a chef whose ego and general craziness get him into some trouble after a bad review. His ex-wife (Sofia Vergara) convinces him to open a food truck.
Now, I realize that food trucks are so 2012, but movies aren't made overnight.
There are at least half a dozen great cameos, the food shots are amazing and the music is great.

Sure, it's a fairy tale and we've all seen four or five movies about hot-tempered chefs who lose sight of what's important in their lives and have to find themselves again with the help of a loving wife/child/boss but chef movies are fun.
Look at how much fun these guys are having.

There are some great lines and some terrific small bits and you need to stay till after the credits (a nod to MFAOA who recommended I do just that) to see one last sequence.
I'm telling you, you're going to want a sandwich by the end.
I give it three (out of four) stars!


Paola said…
A-AH! My instict was right. I read about the making of this movie a LONG time ago and felt I should watch it if ever I remembered to see/hear/stumble on/ it. Thank you for the review, now I'll have to go see if and when it will get here OR be really naughty and find it on the web. Go ahead and shoot me ...
What I didn't know instead, is that food trucks are SO 2012 ... I'll start slamming them right away ...
Anonymous said…
I DO want to see this. I like a feel-good movie.
Anonymous said…
I DO want to see this. I like a feel-good movie.
Scot said…
2012? Really!?!
I hope they never go out of style. There's one truck in particular here in town that I feel is a real treat when it comes around. They sell breads, mostly only breads. It's like a bakery on wheels. Banana bread, carrot/nut bread, bagels, croissants, etc. Their apple/walnut bread is amazing!
There's a lot of other trucks around too. Some of the best Mexican food comes out of those trucks.
It's a brave endeavor, I'm sure, but I hope it pays off for these people.
Anonymous said…
My 80-something y.o. Mom (who has lived in Miami and New Orleans) saw this, instantly thought of my 12 y.o. budding chef Youngest, and sent a check for us to go see it. So yes, I took my kid to his first "R" rated movie. Aside from the salty language, it went over well---we all enjoyed it. Slow beginning, but highly recommended. Great set of actors.

Wishing you a speedy mend as well. Odd coincidence, but I took my husband to the hospital to have a sliced tendon reattached today!

**hugs** from a longtime fan