thoughts on the Met gala

My friend B wanted to know what I thought of the dresses...

Look here and read my thoughts below.

Beyonce and J look pretty good - even with a schmatta on her head.

Kanye in tails. I just spit my drink.

Rihanna. Uh, I don't know.

You know, Anna, it's hard to dress for these things when one is over 50.


That black couple? Need an iron.

Kate Bosworth, so boring, yet so...could USE SOME UNDERWEAR.

A bad night for Lupita.

Disappointed in Anne, but I often am. She just hired a new stylist.


Blake Lively looks ridiculous.

Johnny's a jerk, Amber looks fine.

Mary-Kate no, Ashley yes.

Tom Brady's bow tie is too big.

I love Vera Wang but she may be batshit crazy.

I have never and will never like anything Sarah Jessica wears. And she'd frightening in real life. I know for a fact.

I might like Kristen Wiig's dress best.

Kristen Stewart should be shot from a cannon.

Maggie needs more tape.

Frank Ocean? A-okay.

Kirsten Dunst looks like she had a mishap whilst ironing.

Shailene Woodley is wearing what my mother would call A little something for everyone.

Can Lena wear more eyeliner?

That's the best outfit I've ever seen on Chloe Sevigny - and the worst expression.

Rashida and Tory look like two bad bridesmaids.

Marion Cotillard is fascinating.

Ew. Amanda Peet.

Imogen Poots, eh? 

Elizabeth Nipple Olsen couldn't have worn something from The Row?

Geez, Prada stuff is from another planet.

Katie Holmes starring in Zorro.

Rita Ora, so damn, um, strappy?

Lauren Bush's real name is Lauren Lauren. That's all you need to know.

Lake Bell looks great.

The Harris Burkas...what? wait? WHAT?

OOOOoohh, Felicity Jones!

Sandra Lee is wearing an old Disney costume!

Maggie Q? A+.


Anonymous said…
Is Kirsten Dunst actually wearing a Death Star?

Anonymous said…
I am very concerned about the SJP comment, because she's one of my favorites. Email me the deets?


Liz said…
My favorite is Diane Kruger's dress, also Sarah Silverman cleaned up nicely. Most of the dresses were super boring though.
Paola said…
How come Monica Bellucci and Roberto Bolle were a miss here. I would love to have your thought on THAT.
I don't know how to copy and paste to shot, that's how ignorant I am.
Scot said…
Can you imagine how difficult it was to walk around there without stepping on someone's dress? Damn, I'm glad I don't go to things like that!
Is that really Idina Menzel or did Donna Karan just send the mannequin?
Hailee Steinfeld looked best, IMHO.
Loretta said…
You always make me bust out laughing. This was the best! And I agree about Kristin Wigg.
kmkat said…
Some of those women look like they are about to be eaten by their dresses.