Some of favorites from a recent pass through here:

In a public bathroom the stall closest to the door is the cleanest because it's the least used.

Anxiety doesn't come from thinking about the future, it comes from trying to control it.

One of the most valuable things you can do it learn to say "no" without explaining yourself.

Bees are friendly, wasps are assholes, know the difference.

Blow some air in when filling water balloons, it will make them pop when hitting someone instead of just bouncing off.

Bake cookies in a muffin tin to keep them soft and keep them from spreading.

If your phone battery is really low and you'll need it later, don't turn it off, put it on airplane mode.

A site at which you can hum a song you don't know the title of.

See who's wearing what on TV shows.


kmkat said…
How did I not know that freeway exit thing?!?! Why did you not post this a month ago BEFORE we sent on the mega-road trip to Michigan and New York?
Loretta said…
The exit signs! I just drove home from the Cape and kept checking to see which side the exits were on, even though I know them all! Who knew??
Wendy said…
The exit sign thing is wonderful!!! How come this isn't taught in driver's ed?
heidi said…
That exit strategy is life-changing.