Middle gave me this puzzle "for Friday" because I don't do Mother's Day.
It is 53 inches wide and challenging to say the least.
I'll probably finish it in September.


The pieces are quite beautiful.
So. Much. Red.
But first I re-did the one with the missing/found piece.

Surprisingly, it wasn't any easier the second time around.
I'm not sure what that says about me.

Youngest's birthday.
I may have already shown you this.


THE cutest couple on the subway.
(I saw the little girls who wear the sequined hats the other day, in their summer clothes. And I said: you wear sparkly hats in the winter, don't you? which unleashed some crazy-ass behavior. They started jumping around on the subway car and hanging from the poles. Their mother was tickled that I recognized them.)


The cutest couple on the street.


Flowers from my boss. The sweetest sweet peas.


Flowers in my raggedy garden.

I was blackbirded again this week. Walking to the train with my headphones on, a distinguished looking gentleman got out of a limo and waved me down!
My wife and I saw you walking yesterday and I had to stop to tell you that we think you are absolutely beautiful. Your hair, your glasses, you're wearing Beats, just beautiful.
I was, pretty nearly, speechless, and thanked him. It had been a very long day and I'm sure he had no idea what it meant to me.

This will probably be one of the most grueling weeks ever at work, but I think I'm ready for it.
I certainly need to have my clothing ready.

And yet - all of this seems mundane, ridiculous even, as I cannot get Irene out of my head...or heart.


Paola said…
I think that is the worst part.
The world will stop for nothing, for no one. Not even death. But we must all go along with it, brave a smile even when inside we are DEAD. Because such things like Irene's shocking loss, will leave you empty, dark, glum, speechless and helpless. In one word: dead.
RW said…
Yes. I was stunned when I read the post on instagram. I felt the need to explain to others why I did not give a damn about the small and incidental problems they were facing....
L.P. said…
Yes, I am not surprised that total strangers can immediately see your beauty.
Duyvken said…
How lovely to be blackbirded!
Sinda said…
I just saw the news about Irene and her family and thought of you immediately. I knew you would be hurting. Love. xx