comings and goings


The lilac outside our window is blooming, but it can still be a little cool in the morning, which I don't mind.


We drove off into the cool rain to the beautiful wedding of a co-worker, with my friend D (who has recently left my company) in tow.


 We had a nice time. It was joyful and I needed something joyful.


 V brought me aquavit from Norway.


J leaves me her sage-flavored European Ricolas.
Today is her last day.
I'm so sad it hurts my head.


 To help cheer me K made peanut butter chocolate ice cream with Hawaiian salt.


 Dinner was pasta with ramps from my boss and kielbasa.

 I am working hard and thinking hard and slogging through.


Susie Sunshine said…
Detail necessary: what was your wedding garb? Shoes? I bet you looked fabulous.

Your dinner looked fabulous. And I KNOW your husband is fabulous.

Slog not, sunshine. You have SAGE RICOLAS! I'm so Michigan, I had no idea such a wonderous thing even existed!! I've only ever had the shitty normal person Ricolas, for the fab is not strong in me.

i miss yer face.

mwah mwah
Paola said…
Come on, you know better than post kielbasa shots, we want to see your outfit and not just K's wonderful cufflinked shirt.
L.P. said…
Hang in there, sweetness. It's a crazy time.
Anonymous said…
Good for you to celebrate the little gifts in life even when the going gets tough... and a beloved coworker leaves.
Jen on the Edge said…
I'm with the others: Notes on your wedding outfit, please, pretty please.

Hawaiian salt? Was the flavor notable? We had Hawaiian cinnamon during spring break and it had a slightly different taste to it, although I cannot explain how. It just did.