by request

What I wore to the wedding:

Snapped quickly to compare with friend D, this is a poor shot of the most comfortable thing I've ever worn to a wedding.

1. Ancient skirt from a now defunct small label in Austin. Black with a wrapped effect at the waist, which creates a kind of bustle at the back, with a sheer organza panel from the back of the knee to the ankle.

2. JCrew black long-sleeved tee shirt.

3. Beautiful white scarf with black sequins embedded and black tassels at the corners, purchased for me by K at the V&A.

4. Relatively comfortable black flatforms from Zara. I need height at parties so I can hear K speak to me from up in the clouds.

For those of you who expressed concern regarding my footwear and my poor feet, please note that I switch out between good shoes with excellent support for cheap shoes every other day or so. One day in Nikes, one day in Zara, one day in Birkenstocks, one day in Prada (heh).


Jen on the Edge said…
Ooooh, love it.

I'm a huge fan of J.Crew t-shirts and have a couple dozen crammed into my dresser.
Paola said…
Heart no.4

Susie Sunshine said…
I love how you manage to be stylish and comfortable like it's no biggie.