blackbird's two minute movie reviews: Frozen

We don't mind the occasional animated film here at my house.
We don't have a problem hanging around on a Sunday afternoon watching a cartoon, so we got a copy of Frozen and settled in on the couch.

Disappointed would be an understatement.
So many people told us how much they loved this movie and what did I take away from it?
What messages did I get?

1. If you are a female with power you must not use it - you might hurt people.

2. If you are a female without power only a man can save you.

3. Men lie.

4. The only way to get ahead is to lie.

5. It's a Disney movie - the parents die in the first eight minutes.

Don't waste your time.


Scot said…
It was my understanding that the religious wing-nut crowd said this movie was going to turn our children into homosexuals. Are your kids gay yet?
Plus, Idina Menzel's voice totally grates on my nerves. Ever since Rent aka Aids, the Musical! I can't listen to her without wanting to rip my ears off. John Travolta didn't mis-pronounce her name at the Academy Awards, he just didn't want to say it!
Snarky yes, but it's Monday-Part 3.
Paola said…
I think new Disney movies are NOTHING compared to the old ones.
Anonymous said…
I'm so glad you didn't like it! It reinforces my gut reaction which was to hope that I NEVER have to see this movie....and I have a 4 year old girl, haha, so wish me luck, I guess. But I am hoping that I can somehow avoid it.

Anonymous said…
I had heard what a fabulous movie this was but I wasn't really interested. Even my grown children told me how good it was. I ended up seeing with my daughter on her tenth birthday, her request. I hated it! I think it was all hype. I am so glad there is someone else out there that feels the same way, makes me feel less crazy ;).
Amy A. said…
I'm a "Tangled" girl, myself.
Anonymous said…
Wait, isn't it sister love instead of romantic love that saves them?
Tx Carol
L.P. said…
Disney, feh. I don't think I've liked anything they've done since Dumbo and Pinocchio.
raych said…
There isn't a font size big enough for me to say I KNOW, RIGHT?
Judith said…
I'm so very much nodding my head here. Apart from all that you listed, the story itself didn't hold up either (lets not even mention the logical inconsistencies). It felt totally disjointed, and was waaay too long to boot. I saw it with my sister and nephews, and about 2/3 through the 4-year old started to ask when it would be done. I had no answer other than telling him I was wondering the same thing. They both love animated movies, and love princesses (Merida gets regular repeats, but then, she kicks ass), but neither one has ever mentioned Frozen again.

If you feel like having a cartoon-afternoon again and haven't seen Wreck-it Ralph, that one is so much more worth your time.