20 things about Youngest, on his 20th

1. He wears a suit nearly every day. Black or grey.

2. He wears a black banded ring to "remind me of hubris."

3. He has broad shoulders.

4. And a tiny waist.

5. He has a new cowlick that makes him crazy.

6. His appearance means a lot.

7. His dedication to his school work is unceasing.

8. He's good to talk with if you have a problem.

9. Sweet tooth.

10. Beautiful hands, big feet.

11. Sloppy room.

12. The truest friend.

13. Has his own brand of humor.

14. He has learned his drink.

15. Generous, kind and hysterically funny with his brothers.

16. Strong willed and strong minded.

17. Ready, willing, able.

18. Motivated, enthusiastic, skilled.

19. Not as tall as he wishes, but not short.

20. The dearest young man I know.


Jen on the Edge said…
HOW can he possibly be 20 already?! I'm a little teary from reading this lovely list of his attributes.

Happy day to you all -- Youngest, plus you and K -- since it's the parents' day too.
Anonymous said…
This makes me weepy. Except for 1 and 2( though hubris is so important to him) and 19 because he is 6'4", they sound like they are the same boy. Maybe one day they can meet in Wellfleet. Happy birthday to youngest. You got a good one, there.
alice c said…
Did you mention brave? I think you should have made it #1.

Happy Birthday Youngest. Make it a good one.
Scot said…
Happy Happy Happy Birthday Youngest!!!

20? Seriously? How did that happen?
Wasn't he like 12 just recently?
Good God, how long have I been here?
Wendy said…
I feel the same way as all previous commenters! 20?!!

I could swear he was in middle school.

Happy Birthday, youngest!
Paola said…
He's a Taurus.

Keep the party on through the weekend Youngest, you deserve it, you're not a teen anymore!
Anonymous said…
I sure enjoyed this list.
Many happy returns to your Middle Son.
Susie Sunshine said…
I've never met anyone who was so supremely good at being the youngest of such an eclectic and talented family. There's no self-doubt, second guessy hesitation, but a confident, clever, self-assured man who is more than capable of exceeding any and all requirements and expectations. (Also: funny as shit.)

Happy belated birthday! I'm so happy to be an imaginary internet auntie to such an amazing person!
L.P. said…
What a lovely list! You done good.

Happy belated birthday to an extraordinary young man!
Anonymous said…
Thank you all, and thank you mother.

- Youngest
Suse said…
Happy birthday Youngest!
Angela said…
I know this comment is quickly becoming stale but: Youngest is 20. The happiest of days to all.
Elan Morgan said…
I can't believe he is twenty!