who I'm reading

Want to know who I'm reading?
Of course I check in with the list in the sidebar, but I also spend time with:

Young House Love - they have a new baby and are going to slow down the blogging a bit but I still enjoy seeing what they're working on. Their new house is a lot like one of my parent's former homes and it's fun watching how they update it.

NYC Taught Me - can you imagine living in NYC with three young children? Now you can.

Suri's Burn Book - spot on, laugh out loud funny every damn day.

A Well Traveled Woman - pinnable. Every day.

The Kid Should See This - I don't have time to watch all of the offerings of the day, but you might.

Quotidienne - If I ever chose an entire wardrobe from one place, from one curator, this would be the place.

Door Sixteen - I know they've been around for a while but I just found them and I love every paragraph. Where WAS the internet when K and I were renovating?

Belgian Waffle - sure, life can be tedious, but she lives in Belgium.

Christina Rosalie - I've read her on and off for years but NOW Christina and her family are on a grand adventure!

That ought to keep you busy for a while.


Anonymous said…
I knew you would like Door 16. You read Manhattan Nest too, right? So well written by Daniel (friend of Door 16's Anna)?

You are my first and favorite blogger, you know. But I have branched out and enjoy many others now too.

Paola said…
Now I have to run to the gym but I must check out those blogs. I never left Suri's since I first found it and then I remember you posting it once already. That is aso darn spot on, preciseli as you stated, every.single.day-
Paola said…
also AND precisely

Sharon Beesley said…
hey thanks for the shout out!!
dervla said…
Door Sixteen is the best - did you see her office decor post? Wish we could all do our offices like that. And yes, like the previous commenter said - you'd like Manhattan Nest too, he is Anna's bff.
Anonymous said…
You always find the best reads.